Long term
in Madrid

Live & breathe in Spanish
If you are planning to come to Spain to learn Spanish for more than a term, even a year, we have designed a course for you. You will enjoy a fully immersive experience where you will live and breathe in spanish.
From 10 to 20 weeks 144€ / week
From 21 to 47 weeks 136€ / week
48 weeks 120€ / week
From 120€/

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This course is not focused only on learning Spanish, we want to offer a whole experience where Spanish language and culture are joined. You will share time with likeminded people from all over the world, discover hidden treasures around Madrid and enjoy an unforgettable experience.
We focus on offering a full immersion experience to our students. You will be living in spanish during your whole stay. We program lots of activities out of the school so that you can practice what you learn inside. The activities will offer the opportunity to learn more about our culture and way of life.
The classes are designed using our own methodology, we focus on improving your communication skills. Our main focus is in getting our students to communicate in spanish, we help to build a solid foundation that will help you communicate effectively and improve your way to proficient spanish speaking.
We do it by building a community where our students are in the center of communication with engaging activities that help them move out their comfort zone and test the boundaries of their communication skills.
Do not hesitate to ask us and we will solve any doubt you have about our course.

Life in Class

Payment Plan

We know a long term course is a big investment and we are fully commited on offering the best options for making it feasible for you.

For reservations of up to 13 weeks we request full payment in advance. For reservations of 14 or more weeks, we request a deposit of 2,000 euros. The rest of the amount can be paid by bank transfer or at our reception on the start day of your course.

If you have any doubt please contact us and will try to fit it to your needs.

Medical insurance
to study abroad

If you are going to study our Intensive Spanish course in Spain, your home country health insurance may not provide coverage while you are abroad. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to increase your cultural awareness and as you explore the country and experience different cultures, you don’t want to worry about the financial burden that could accompany a sudden and unexpected illness or injury. An Atlas Travel insurance policy can provide you with coverage in the event of an accident or emergency while traveling or studying outside your home country.

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  • Flexibility. Tailor your plan by choosing what to deduct, the length of coverage, and the maximum range of coverage.
  • Comfort. Buy online and receive your policy documents immediately.
  • Protection. Coverage for hospital stays, medical evacuations, dental emergencies, and many other eligible medical expenses.
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The best
activities in

It is not only learning spanish what our students look for, they want to live a unique experience, meet people from all over the world and enjoy a great adventures in Madrid.

We offer various types of extracurricular activities that ranges from cultural visits to museums to more social activities such as cuisine club.

Every week we will plan for lots of activities so that you enjoy your time in Madrid.


Spaneasy Learning School has obtained the accreditation of the Instituto Cervantes, which means that it complies with the conditions established by the Instituto Cervantes Center Accreditation System, the only accreditation in the international arena focused exclusively on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

Student Visa

Discover what you need to come to Spain and study our language and culture. No matter what country you come from, we will provide with all the information you need to come and study.

Frequently Asked

Yes! When you enroll on your first time in our school in any of our face-to-face courses, you will get a Spaneasy bag full of things: a notebook, a pen, a map of the city, a calendar with all the school’s activities and more. Also, you will be given the textbook that you will be using in your Spanish classes.

We recommend not writing in the textbook on the first week of your course, as if you have to change levels, we won’t accept used books.

Please, note that textbooks are only given in extensive or intensive courses.

Yes, you will always obtain a certificate. At Spaneasy we have two types of certificates that we give to our students: an attendance certificate (if 75% of attendance is exceeded) and an achievement certificate (if you have passed your evaluation test).

Please, note that our certificates aren’t official. If you need to prove your Spanish level to your job or college, we recommend taking a DELE or SIELE exam as they are certified by the Institute Cervantes.

Firstly, don’t panic! Our Student Care Team will help you with any problem you have regarding your classes. When you come to our school, we take a written and spoken test by one of our teachers, and they will evaluate your level.

If you start your first Spanish class and you think it isn’t a good fit, please talk with your teacher and our Student Care Team and we will take care of everything to put you in the class that fits you better.

Yes, you can. Please note that you need to notify our Student Care Team in the school’s front desk. That way we can stop your course for a brief time.

Yes, all teachers are native speakers and have a specific qualification that allows them to carry out their work with seriousness, preparation, and excellent results.

For our students who require a visa, we always recommend our Intensive Course as you must be taking classes over 20 hours per week.

Please note you don’t need a Student Visa if you visit our country for less than 90 days. You can check our Student Visa section where you can read more information about it.

At Spaneasy the student becomes the protagonist of the learning process, and to achieve the total participation of our students in our Spanish classes, our teachers will use different activities to learn the basics (grammar and vocabulary) and then use them in an oral activity.